Please recycle as much as possible. Recycling collections are weekly whereas our black rubbish bin is only collected every 3 weeks. Put any recycling and rubbish out on WEDNESDAY evening as pick up is early Thursday morning.

Please would you also wash out glass, tins and plastic and remove any plastic film from plastic container tops before recycling.

Coloured recycling bags/bins are available for recycling:

  • for the lodge there are three coloured bags under the sink. If you prefer, you can place recycling directly into the bins beside the main drive entrance behind the car parking area.
  • for the hut there are red and green coloured bins in the corner by the hut entrance gate.

We can recycle the following items which go in the coloured bins indicated:

  • card and paper (blue)
  • glass (green)
  • tins and plastic (red)