hot tub

Hot tubs are a great way to relax on holiday and we are pleased to provide this facility for your own private use during your stay. We also provide towelling gowns and shower slippers for your use.

For your hygiene and safety we check the hot tub levels on a daily basis, usually between 10.30-11.30am.

As we are situated in a residential area and also have other guests we ask your consideration to kindly keep reasonable noise levels particularly after 9pm if in the outside areas and would be grateful if you could aim to finish using the hot tub by 10.30pm.

Please would you read the following hot tub health and safety rules as we require you to take responsibility for your use of the Hot Tub and to ensure your safety and enjoyment. It is important that all guests in your party are aware of these guidelines before using the hot tub. If guests neglect to follow this guidance and it becomes necessary to do an extra change of water a charge may be incurred.

Hot Tub Health and Safety Rules


  • Shower to remove all makeup, soaps, fake tans and lotions before you use the hot tub to ensure the water stays clean and clear
  • Always wear the footwear provided to walk to and from the tub
  • Take particular care in and around the hot tub and on steps to avoid slipping
  • Use plastic drinking glasses for drinks – glassware must not be used in or around the tub
  • Do not add any bubble bath or similar products to the hot tub
  • Do not sit or climb onto the hot tub cover
  • Do not turn off the isolation switch for any reason other than a safety concern
  • Ensure that children are supervised at all times while using the hot tub
  • If you have diarrhoea, have been vomiting, have an open wound, or any other infection or illness, you should not go in a hot tub until you have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.
  • Please consult with your doctor about any medical condition or illness before using the hot tub including but not limited to pregnancy, high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Medical guidance recommends that Jacuzzi sessions should be limited to 15-20 minutes at one time.

If you become aware of any damage, safety issues or have any concerns at all about using the tub, please stay out of the tub and contact us immediately at the house or by phone on 07507 550610. 

NOTE: Hot tub use is entirely at the guest’s risk. We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the Hot Tub. Please use the tub responsibly and consider the effects of alcohol for safety reasons.

Hot Tub Controls

ON – Turn left hand grey control to left.
OFF –Turn back to right when leaving.
JETS – Gentle jets – push jets button once.
Massaging jets – push jets button again (has 15mins cycle.)
LIGHTS ON – Push light button – 10 colours to choose from (the lights turn off between each light change.)
OFF – Push light button again to turn off lights. Please turn lights off when vacating.

The cover unclips, folds back and you can then use the lid lifter to lift the cover to one side.
IMPORTANT: Please replace the spa cover after each use making sure the cover skirt lays outside all around to allow hot tub to allow tub reheat for next use.
Note that the hot tub starts and runs automatically periodically as a normal function of its cleaning cycle.